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The Doom Patrol

You know, after this I just couldn’t not do it. I. Love. This. Team. The way I see it they are the most dysfunctional, co-dependent, miserable group of volunteer world-savers ever. They’d hate each other if they hadn’t rescued each other’s asses a million times from the weirdest, most dangerous things in existence.

So here ya go…



I see Cliff, before his accident, as a man of excess. Racing, sex, drinking, fame - You name it, he wanted more of it. 

I based his design on the ASIMO robot. Sturdy, incredibly strong, capable of taking a cannonball to the “face” without a scratch, and slow as hell. The machine is invincible, but it’s also completely lacking anything like a nervous system. This is the brain of a race car driver, who was obsessed with feeling everything there was to feel, driving a cumbersome tank that can never be destroyed. It’s torture. 



As a former actress whose career was cut short after a strange accident, I wanted Rita to be the media-savvy, smiling face of the group. She works now and again, but her obligation to the group prevents her going back into acting full time, as does her condition. Kind of a Michael J. Fox situation. 

It takes intense concentration on her part to hold the shape of her old body, which she never gets quite right. If she loses her cool she snaps into this twenty foot tall mess of jumbled long limbs.

Her look wasn’t based on anyone in particular, but I wanted her to ‘feel’ like Gwyneth Paltrow.



Since ze’s one of my favorite comic book characters, I barely made any changes to Rebis aside from the uniform. Ze’s a physical union of every person to use the names Negative Man and Negative Woman, but as a tribute to the original, Air Force pilot Larry Trainor, I made the shades aviators.  

The chemically treated bandages are laid on very thick, restricting hir movements a little, but that’s what the Negative Spirit is for. To compensate for the physical body, which, even though I attempted to make as gender-neutral as possible, came out slightly more masculine, I modeled the Spirit after a prehistoric fertility goddess.  

Despite being locked in a cancer-riddled body which ze can only escape for seconds at a time, Rebis is the only member of the team who’s truly happier after hir accident. 



Probably the most drastically changed of the team. I see him as a scientific visionary who wants nothing more than to be adored by all of humanity. He’s directly responsible for the accidents that changed the lives of the rest of the group, as well as the accident that cost him his legs. The only difference is that while he gave the others amazing abilities that double as curses, he enhanced his own body without any ill effects. He’s faster, stronger, and looks younger. To outsiders he appears to be the most super-heroic of the bunch, but he’s still a mad egomaniac who makes terrible decisions.

I based his prosthetic legs on the ones used by professional runners, and his beard on Auguste Rodin’s.  

The team’s uniforms are based on the second ones they wore back in the 60’s…


They live on Danny the Street.