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codyandthecorgis asked: Your Project Rooftop design was really inspired. I love the high adventure look for the FF, and to me it is very in tune with their roots. Have you done any designs with DC super teams like the Doom Patrol, who could also benefit from the high fashion makeover?

Thanks, man!

Wanna know something weird? I was just talking about how much I love the Doom Patrol with a friend of mine yesterday. 

I basically see them as a Marvel team stuck in the DC universe, so that’s how I’d approach them. They’d need to really stand out from all the other characters they interact with so that it’s clear - This co-dependent group of misfits, while full of potential, is not easy to work with.  

But to answer your question - I’ve actually had a loose design for them in my head for a while now. I’ve never fleshed it out since I try to focus on paying work or projects that’ll benefit me in some other way (refining/learning a skill, exposure, etc.), and the Doom Patrol would strictly be for fun. 

That being said, now that I’m forced to think about it more, I really wanna draw those fuckers.