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The Olympic Flame

Humanity is in rough shape in the year 2084. Peak oil has come and gone, the world is hotter than we’ve ever known it to be, rising sea levels have submerged most of our former capitals of commerce, drinkable water is scarce, and the people of what were once considered the global super powers live in a sort of feudal anarchy.

The heads of the newly formed United Peoples of Earth (a successor to the United Nations, organized by the world’s most progressive communities [working title]) have decided to invest in a program to spread hope. The result is the “Olympic Flame”, a sort of positive virus that infects one person at a time. The genes in the host’s body are replaced with genetic information taken from all the known peoples of the world. In a matter of days they become the embodiment of humanity’s full athletic and mental capacity. The individual literally runs and swims around the world¬†helping people, only stopping for small meals and short rests. Inevitably their bodies burn out, but just before they die the Flame passes on to the next host.¬†

Drawn for Remake/Remodel.